The art of guarding

Behold! A stranger
he knocks!

an angel of night

the door is covered in shards of glass
but the stranger comes knocking
deceptive hands

strange, that he should come?
i alone, open up to him

here is my house
here is my heart
here is my home

Behold! such mystery
such wonder!
Oh to be held in the arms of another

a stranger’s amuse

the kitchen is invaded with ants
they won’t go away
still i spray

strange, that he should leave?
i alone, behold the mystery
of a hollow shell
a person who was once becoming,
now sucked dry
and shrunk
taken captive by desires

a fleeting house i built
a temporary wall
built merely to fall

here, i stand
against the earth
against the tide
my soul rages with unnatural fires

what shelter once was
the stranger took with him

here, i am
a human being who has lost her strength
beneath a bleak night sky

no stars
no breath
no wonders

And what mystery once was is now defiled
gnarly fire
breathtaking desire

Behold! The wind
it comes at last

This is the art of sheltering

I feel the wind
like a mighty current
a ceaseless storm
a rainy night
a warrior’s cry
a phantom’s wish
a goodnight kiss
and all at once
pure love
pure desire

This is the art of sheltering

Behold! The trees
they come at last

they traveled from a far
they started small

shaped and established
a house is built around me

wood as cedar
smells so sweet

And I for once, stand enclosed
in warmth
in shelter

Behold! What wakens Dawn’s splendor?
it seeps in through the cracks in the wood
it awakens light in me

This is the art of sheltering

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