where embers fly

Hey, hey,  hey.
Isn’t trickery just like this?

What’s a greeting anyway
it’s saying hello not long before goodbye

weave your heart into This (mystery)
you’ll See the colors of love

laced inside these embers
is a reaching song

It starts before and goes
beyond this 3 minute 36 second radio song

It tips me over the edge where inside the far off beats
is a pounding (mystery)

the joy of someone Sure
inside all of these second chances

hello,  hello, hello, without ending
He’ll never say goodbye

I consent now Dip my feet
Please now my head

I cannot get away from This. rush
the blessed, fucked fountain

I hated it though, but it was everything good

I hated  its eternal chambers
my own dignity am I willing to trade?  In order to escape

I left it once
i’ll leave it once again

This wretched bloody fountain

nothing less than mangled
nothing less than free

Mercy, blessed, Mercy, wild
Mercy running without measure
the only place where embers fly

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