Dec. 28

A Poem about “acceptance”

If I had made another choice
If I had seen with different eyes

faa7450cad3d3c319577949ecba45c30Would I have lived a different life?
I could have escaped the turmoil

All those hideous words
buried beneath pride

Crumbled up inside
was the child I used to be
Squashed down, forbid to come out

‘This is glorious you see, to really bow the knee
Serve another man’s vision,
the rewards will come later
Just keep singing, let’s all join in together’
on and on and on

I would have risen up
on the inside
I would have been a free person,
every limb and every muscle
I would have sung the words in context,
every fiber and every particle
I would have burst through that heavy bubble

But burst through to where?

I had no where else to go it seemed
Where else was better, than this place of such radical acceptance?

The acceptance dripped so heavy off their hands
while I played their song, and danced their dance
to make another man great
and another man’s vision grow strong

This is love, at too high a price
Forsaking all things to obtain this balmy dream (just like the Scripture verse,
just like the Scripture says)

Where will I go? Where will I flee?
Now that trouble is near

If I ascend to the heavens, you are there
If I descend to the bottom of the pit,
even there

You are.

And your hand will guide me there.

I mistrust even God my Father.
I am afraid of this Reality.

Wrapped up inside this Mystery,
surrounded in this Shroud

There are far too many words
that mean so many different meanings

This one Word
This very Meaning

He often hides inside the turmoil
But it couldn’t have been his plan?
amid the horrors of all that it was

To be spit out again
and again

Rejected by the very thieves who stole your
shirt and tunic

you gave them a mile
they wanted nothing from you except your service

And with empty hands you are left alone
with just the broken hands of the One who bled
holding you dearly

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