The needs of the soul


Like camels in Sudan we ride
wearily along to catch the evening’s tide
to feel the soft breath of daylight’s kiss

In comes the golden weather
hot sands become as pools beneath my feet
to swim, to feast, to dive
merrily we ride

we caught the evening’s tide, alright
we ran beneath the setting sun
we tasted of divine love
While all the worlds lay still before us

Flashbacks of a former life, a former good
the separate wonder
Can one go back to who they were?
What wretched spell coerced a man to lay aside the pure!

Like camels in the night we ride
Himself now seeking
a certain weariness strikes the core

I pour out these drops on sand
thirsty again, but I am tired of drinking
I’ll now stretch out across this thirsty ground

The beauty of Heaven trickles down
beneath the Moon where memories lie
sacred and still

Forever stretched out beneath the pale blue sky,
tucked deeply between the edges of night,
embedded in the Stars as they pull diamonds from their pockets
and whisper to another if they will trade it for a pearl

But it gently slips from one Star’s hand
falling down
towards that foreign world
(but don’t worry, the pure remains pure and the sacred
will always be alive)
and someone beneath will catch it
even if they aren’t looking for it

Silently along we ride
like camels in the night
no longer thinking about water
riding along for the pleasure of it
just to see some stars
and feel the wind

What was thirst?
What was hunger?
Buried beneath me,
deeper cries than the physical man could utter

the sound of which more eerie
for the sun could not calm them, nor shelter
and Food and drink would not silence them

As the wind howled over sands
we could hear their deeper cries, yet leery of their warnings
they continued on, ever mourning
for a return of all that sacred world once offered:

intimacy without fear and
gifts without price
kindness unmeasured;
connectivity without a bribe

Like birds upon the wind
the longings came like songs,
we trembled as they echoed from each pilgrim heart
many notes and octaves, countless harmonies
clear, bright moonlit melodies

we did not know fully the beauty
for the sacred carries pain
but we knew of moonlight
we knew the sound of goodnight

So on we traveled
like camels in Sudan
carrying our symbol pearls
as the weary song rang out
and the white sands became pools of delight.

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