When you bring LaDawn and Rhonda on a date with you

Experimental dating #93939 I decided to bring LaDawn and her sister with me for my date with Paul.
I got there first. It was extraordinary seating, (on the roof and the breeze was blowing.)

Rhonda and LaDawn showed up next. Rhonda had a WaWa cup in her hand filled with Pinot Grigio that she had brought with her. LaDawn and I ordered from the happy hour menu. I ordered two drinks, LaDawn got one. And Rhonda ordered none, because she had her WaWa cup.

We took pictures of each other and shot the you know what, Rhonda urged me to hit on the bartender. I refused.Then I noticed the guy (we were meeting for the first time). I looked at Rhonda, (that’s him, behind you) Does he recognize you? she said. I don’t know. I said. Go over there and get him. No, I said. I looked at LaDawn, he didn’t know I was bringing friends with me.

Then he walked over and approached me. “Hey, Mikaela?” He said. “Hi,” I said. He had a cigarette in his hand.

And who are your friends? He shook hands with LaDawn and Rhonda and then remained standing. Leaning actually, I was saying nothing and avoiding eye contact. “What are you smoking, can I have one?” Rhonda asked. “Madam” he said held out his pack. “Ugh, what are those Marlboros!? Ugh, I thought you were rolling your own, ugh and your smoking Marlboros!” but she took one anyway.

Rhonda breathed in a few puffs of cigarette and then said, “so your her boo huh?”

To which I said, “he’s not my boo”

And he was repeating to himself, “boo?”

LaDawn simultaneously was saying, “i keep telling you he’s not her boyfriend”

and he said, “yeah we just met”

Paul had nice brown eyes. I really liked his outfit too, nice complexion. But everything he said was such a turn off. Within the first few minutes he had filled my ears with the F word at least 10 times. A gentleman doesn’t impress a lady by using the F word incessantly and with no good reason.

Come on people, if your going to cuss, it should be creatively and with purpose.

Then he said the following statement, “My dad always told me I should believe in something. I’d say I’m a Christian. But I’m for abortion. And gay marriage: why does it matter who people marry? let the people f’in marry who they wanna f’in marry”

I paused. I waited. I think I said something like, “It’s just inconsistent. It’s inconsistent to pull parts from a Holy Book, and then say that you ascribe to it while disregarding other parts of it.. ..the only way to reasonably reinvent the family/redefine love is if you also cast aside everything else in Scripture”

he said, “this is why i don’t like religion, see how it automatically becomes moral.”

“yeah what is right and what is wrong?” Rhonda said. “Jesus looks at everything you do, so just do it! he knows i brought this wine in w me in this f’ing cup and he’s smiling at me.”


Rhonda was standing up now, “why did you freaking bring up religion” she looked at me. LaDawn looked at me sympathetically. Rhonda sat back down.

Paul looked at her, “she didn’t bring it up!” he said.
“Well, I hear music going on, I love music. i love live music, all kinds of live music!!” Rhonda exclaimed passionately.

We ended up getting in for free and the first thing Rhonda does is start dancing (uninhibited) I was so grateful for her freedom. LaDawn looked at me: “she dances like a stripper, you’ll see.”

she danced the whole time, relentlessly, in her own Rhonda style which I actually really liked, because it was kind of cool moves. I was laughing so hard in the blackness of that room though, when I observed the scene. the metro scene kids did’n’t know quite how to react to her breaking into their world except for the way they were already responding to the music.







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