Purity includes identity

I was crossing the street today and someone stopped me, he said, “Can I talk to you about LGBT rights?” I walked away from that conversation shaking a little bit. I read an article that came to my inbox an hour later about how the Catholic church can show sensitivity towards an identity that someone has embraced that identifies them as sexually being attracted towards the same gender while knowing that it is in itself still an elusive identity. (though strong and weighty) It slips through the hands as oil through the fingers ..
What is liberating about this sexual revolution I think 1) on a basis of a reality that someone has lived through and known and 2) Acceptance and vindication.
I will start with the first reason: That of reality.
Reality, I suppose, in terms of sexual libido is quite a bit relative. I can only suppose that the internal desires have been shaped by the particular formation of the individual. The formation of the human soul is complex, and given that L. G. B. T. is not given to children at birth, the infant is given the simple right to breathe and to be loved.

These words are not persons…it is nothing more than what it is: simply put, a desire and an act.

Yet somehow, it gets a false hush. It gets personhood attached to it. It becomes the person. That, I do not understand.

Sometimes I have sensed a false hush comes over a room when dealing with homosexuality, as if heterosexual disorders are not equally harmful…I guess God’s word simply declares both to be damaging and to be equally resisted.

My own practice of sexuality didn’t immediately attach me to the disorder I carried. I did not receive the identity of Disordered Heterosexual upon my first abandonment of clothing, nor upon the first time an irreverent lust entered my heart. the way I practiced it was so NOT beautiful. (or self-dignifying, or honoring to God or anyone else

And then to be told by God, that He is the One who will determine just what it is that I need. And that it is He alone who has the right to determine who and what I am.

if God says me living how I want to live is beautiful and good, chances are I will not be happier for it. Fortunately God doesn’t say this: and I am free to mourn the loss of my “freedom”.
I mourn that I cannot “have it my way”
I mourn that God convicts me of self-love and teaches me the art of abstinence. I mourn that I must not give into the selfish pursuits of myself and others. I mourn my own purity, when all the while Christ was interceding to claim it for me, giving himself up for me, that I would become a better woman than I ever could be, had I been “liberated” from His captivity.

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